Early Careers

There’s no place like Heathrow

There’s something so special about working at one of the world’s most iconic airports. Its sights. Its sounds. Its constant air of excitement. Heathrow is an amazing backdrop to begin a career filled with unique opportunities.  

Discover a world full of fresh possibilities as you encounter people from all cultures, nationalities, and experiences. You’ll be buzzing with stories to tell at the end of each day. There is a world full of pride for what we do, with no end of exciting career prospects to explore.  

Together, we’re working to welcome millions more passengers while ensuring aviation can continue to be a force for good by leading global efforts in sustainability and decarbonisation. 

Join us on that journey through one of our emerging talent programmes and we’ll help you achieve your ambitions too — supporting you to learn, encouraging you to be yourself and backing you to achieve more than you might ever have imagined. Because there’s no place like Heathrow. 

Unlimited opportunities to make a difference 

Whether you’re interested in bringing teams together, delivering exciting projects, or building your technical capability, the opportunities at Heathrow will give you a unique platform to fast-track your development. If you’re committed and passionate about developing your career, you’ll find unlimited opportunities at Heathrow.  

Our values were developed by our colleagues, for our colleagues, and are the foundation of everything we’re doing to make Heathrow a place where everyone can thrive. That means working together, keeping everyone safe, doing the right thing, treating others with respect, giving excellent service, and improving every day. 

It takes great people and teamwork to welcome millions of passengers each year. And the difference we make to each and every one of them comes from being who we are. That’s why we welcome people from all backgrounds, with a diverse range of skills, to help us deliver the best airport service in the world.  

Connect with our Grads

Talk to colleagues that have been part of our Heathrow Grad Programme to find out first-hand how they found the experience, and what it means to be part of the Heathrow family. Get in touch at [email protected] and our grads will respond as soon as they possibly can.

We are now CLOSED for applications.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

As an equal opportunities employer, we encourage applications from everybody. We believe that diverse talent makes us stronger – not least because we welcome passengers from all corners of the globe, every single day. Our approach to diversity, equity and inclusion is all about creating a strong sense of belonging for everyone at Heathrow, in whatever way that means to them. Heathrow is an accessible place to work, and through our diversity networks, we champion inclusivity and celebrate individuality. 

For more information, please visit our diversity & inclusion page.  


Sustainability is integral to our success and we have made sustainable growth a priority for our business, guided by our values, taking a leadership role within our sector’s response to climate change. 

We’ll focus on two key areas: Heathrow’s plan to take the carbon out of flying this decade, on our journey to net zero carbon emissions; and the steps we will take to ensure Heathrow is a great place to live and work for our colleagues and local communities. Underpinning these are our responsible business foundations, which capture our ongoing commitment to do the right thing across all aspects of our business. 

By 2030, it’s vital that we achieve absolute cuts in our carbon footprint to put us firmly on the path to achieve net zero by 2050. Heathrow’s future depends on this, and we’ve set challenging goals to cut carbon emissions from flying by up to 15%, and at least 45% from airport operations on the ground. 

Through our Heathrow 2.0 strategy, Connecting People and Planet we will deliver change on the issues that will make Heathrow a better, healthier place to live and work. We’ll improve quality of life through cleaner air, quieter nights and taking care of our local environment. Join us and you can play a part in shaping a sustainable future for our airport and aviation. 

Click here to learn more about our Heathrow 2.0 Sustainability Strategy. 

  • The closing date for all applications is 6th November 2023 at 9am. However, depending on how many applications we receive, we may decide to close the application window sooner. We recommend that you complete your application as soon as you can.

  • We’ll invite you to take an online assessment in early November 2023.

    Practice assessments are available if you would like to try out similar questions in advance.  Click the links for the programme you are applying for to access the relevant short practice assessments.  You can do these at any time before your actual online assessment, and you can complete them as many times as you like.  No-one will see your answers; they are just intended to give you a chance to get used to the format and type of question.

    Generalist and Procurement

    You will complete one assessment:

    • A timed, combined verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning assessment that takes 18 minutes. Click here for the practice assessment:  https://www.savilleassessment.com/practice-tests/ and select ‘Practice Test for Swift Executive Aptitude’ from the Analysis Aptitude Range Practice Tests.

    Engineering programmes

    You will complete two assessments:

    • A timed Swift Analysis Verbal and Numerical assessment that takes 18-24 minutes. Click here for the practice assessment:  https://www.savilleassessment.com/practice-tests/ and select ‘Practice Test for Swift Analysis Verbal & Numerical ’ from the Analysis Aptitude Range Practice Tests.
    • A timed Swift Technical Aptitude assessment that takes 10 minutes. Click here for the practice assessment:  https://www.savilleassessment.com/practice-tests/ and select ‘Practice Test for Swift Technical Aptitude’ from the Technical  Aptitude Range Practice Tests.

    You will have ten days to complete the assessment.

  • If you have been successful in the online assessment, you will be invited to take part in a video interview. You can complete the video interview at whatever time is convenient to you. It will be made up of several timed questions to which you will record your responses. 

    You’ll have a window of at least 5 calendar days to complete the video interview. We’ll provide you with feedback on your performance after you have received your results. 

    You can also choose to attend one of our Webinars before attempting the online interview. 

  • To share more about our programmes, we will be running webinars over Zoom where you will be able to connect and talk directly to current and former Heathrow Graduates. You will be able to ask questions and get a glimpse of what it is like to work at Heathrow. 

    There will be two sessions to choose from, both in November 2023. Expect your invite about a week before the sessions are due to commence, alongside communication on the video interview. 

    Please note that these dates may be subject to change. 

  • If you are successful at the video interview, we’ll invite you to book yourself onto an Assessment Centre. These face-to-face assessments will take place in the Heathrow offices through January and early February 2024.

    To avoid disappointment, we highly recommend that you secure your assessment slot as soon as you get the opportunity to do so. We’ll likely be in touch in December 2023 to invite you to take part. 

  • We’ll want you to be at your best at the Assessment Centre, so we’ll arrange a brief call with you to make sure you’re fully ready and prepared, and to answer any final questions you may have. 

    Expect an invite to your call at the end of December 2023. The calls will take place at the end of December 2023 and in early January 2024. 

    Note that dates may be subject to change. 

  • Having had the chance to already meet us online and through your prep call, the Assessment Centre is an opportunity to visit the airport and meet us in person. Assessment Centres will take place through January and February 2024.  

    At this final assessment, you will interact with leaders from Heathrow, including former graduates, and complete a range of activities. You’ll have the chance to demonstrate your potential through these tasks, which we’ll tell you about in more detail through the joining instructions and preparation call. 

    Following your Assessment Centre, you can expect to receive your outcome in February 2024. 

    Note that dates may be subject to change. 

  • Congratulations, you’ve passed the Assessment Centre and we can’t wait to have you join us at Heathrow. You’ll be starting with us in September 2024. Before you do, there are a few more steps we’ll need to go through as we need to ensure that all Heathrow colleagues are fully referenced and vetted.  We’ll keep close to you during this time and offer all the support and help you might need to make this a smooth process. 

    Before you join, you’ll also have the chance to get to know the Emerging Talent Team and the other members of your cohort. We’ll be organising a couple of events between February and September 2024, to make sure that you’re connected with the rest of the group and set up to succeed from day one.